Power Plus

1. This Product helps in Root, Shoot and Tiillering in the plant.


2. Increases Soil Fertility.


3. Increases Moisture Retention Capacity.


4. Provides Micro-Nutrients to the plants that are necessary for their Physiology Increases soil aeration.


5. Dosage- 2kg/acre


6. Packing available- 2kgs.


1. Micorriza based product.


2. Increases Water retention capacity.


3. Increases plant’s grasping power for food.


4. Increases roots and Tillering.


5. Dose- 5kg/acre


6. Packing available in 5 kgs jar, 10kgs bucket and 20 kgs drum.


1. It’s a Granulated Product which contains natural selected marine algae species origin ingredients.


2. It increases yield and quality of all crops significantly, enhances protein synthesis and tolerance against diseases and climatic stress.


3. Compatible with all types of fertlizers and pesticides.


4. Dosage- 1-2 kg/acre by way of broadcast treatment.